Researchers Discover Zika Stopping Molecule

A molecule that prevents the spread of the Zika virus has been identified by researchers at the Sanford Burnham Prebys Medical Discovery Institute.

Alexey Terskikh, an assistant professor at the institute, and SBP professor Alex Strongin published this finding in the journal Antiviral Research saying, “We identified a small molecule that inhibits the Zika virus protease, and show that it blocks viral propagation in human cells and in mice” (Horn).

Terskikh seems very positive in his findings, saying “The fact that the compound seems to work in vivo is really promising, so we plan to use it as a starting point to make an even more potent and effective drug.”

However, more work is needed according to Terskikh, “In addition to a Zika vaccine, we still need antivirals,” “Some people may be exposed who haven’t been vaccinated. Having a way to treat the infection could help stop Zika from spreading and prevent its sometimes devastating effects.”

This research is still going to continue with an experimental vaccine moving into phase 2 clinical trials at SBP in June.

Until further research is conducted and a Zika prevention is created it is recommended that an EPA registered insect repellent is used to repel a Zika carrying mosquito.

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