Why You Should Use an IR3535 Product

IR3535 is a “synthetic insect repellent” used to repel insects through their sense of smell.

IR3535 has been used in Europe for over 30 years, and it has been credited a great safety record throughout the years.

The French Ministry of Health recommended it for use by pregnant women and children during a recent Chikungunya outbreak, which shows its dependability and potency.

It is also one of the only four repellents recommended by the CDC for protection against mosquitoes carrying Zika Virus.

Now, why should an IR3535 product be used over the other repellents?

IR3535 creates a non-greasy, lightweight, and odorless lotion product that rubs on clear.

It is also a non-toxic product the CDC does recommend.

Whereas a product, such as Deet, is flammable, potent, greasy, and toxic with prolonged exposure.

Other benefits are how it is great for sensitive skin, it’s highly effective even in low concentrations, and it has the best skin tolerance of all repellent products.

For these reasons, I would suggest an EPA registered, IR3535 insect repellent.

(Original Article: http://www.picaridin.info/ir3535.htm)

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