Seven-Year-Old Boy Suffers Permanent Brain Damage Due to Tick Bite

Adam Mitchell, a young boy from Inverness, Scotland, was a happy, healthy young boy last April.

Slightly over a year later, Adam has asked his mother “Will I die tonight?”

According to his mother, Amy, he has trouble processing simple information, suffers memory loss, forgetting the simplest thing, muddles his words, and becomes exhausted incredibly easily.

Amy recalls when Adam was a healthy young boy not too long ago. “He was so happy-go-lucky. He loved racing around, swimming and telling jokes.”

Now, after receiving Lyme Disease, Adam is “a totally different little boy.”

Only weeks after being bitten Adam’s character rapidly changed.

Amy claims due to the Lyme disease Adam contracted, “He suddenly started suffering terrible tantrums. He regressed back to a toddler and was having rages on the floor, shouting, screaming and kicking. It was really unlike him.”

Amy even went as far as contacting Adam’s school in concern for his behavior, to which the school acknowledged they also noticed a concerning change in Adam.

This disease changed Adam’s personality so much that he was described by Amy as being “irritated with his little brother, and that wasn’t like him at all. He was also withdrawn. Like an adult with depression.”

Not only mentally, but he also suffered physical symptoms, was lethargic, had little energy and no appetite.

Amy detailed “Adam would come home from school, crawl onto the sofa and not move. He would just lie there, totally exhausted.”

Comparing how he was before contracting Lyme disease, Amy says “This was a little boy who’d previously had loads of energy and would eat anything you put in front of him, but he had no appetite and no energy.”

Amy took Adam to his GP. In early May, but this may have been a bit late as “by this stage his temperature had risen to 40 degrees, he was flushed, sweating, the glands on his neck resembled a bunch of grapes and he had a rash on the left side of his head. I took him to the doctors and he was so weak all he could say was, ‘Mummy please take me home, so I can go to bed’.”

Near the end of May, Amy received phone call from Adam’s school warning of bad news.

Amy explained, “We rushed in and saw the left side of his face was paralyzed. He was totally miserable. We took him home and he just came in and hid under his blanket.”

Adam was rushed to Raigmore Hospital in Inverness where he was admitted and diagnosed with Bell’s palsy, which is partial facial paralysis and can be caused by an infection.

Within a week of being back home was readmitted with full facial paralysis.

Amy says “He was unable to swallow or blink, had a numb mouth, couldn’t walk because he was exhausted and needed full care. His dad David and I had to carry him everywhere.”

Amy also tells of a big discovery when she said: “In the week between being discharged and readmitted he had undergone a blood test as Bell’s palsy is recognized as a symptom of Lyme. That came back positive. He was given a lumbar puncture due to his neurological symptoms and this also came back as positive for Lyme in his brain and central nervous system.”

Now knowing for sure Adam had contracted Lyme disease, he could finally be treated.

Over the next few months his face recovered, and his energy levels started to improve; although, he still suffers exhaustion.

Amy added: “The illness has left him brain damaged which is so sad. He is back and forth to hospital and is still under investigation.”

Amy concluded with: “It’s really tough. He’s not the same little boy he once was. I want other parents to know infected ticks are everywhere. Not every tick carries Lyme disease – but assume, they do. If you spot a tick on your child don’t take the chance. Remove it. Look out for symptoms and act as soon as you spot anything wrong.”

Amy now knows that she should have taken greater precautions against harmful insects, such as ticks, and she now hopes to save other parents from going through what her family is going through.

It is highly suggested to use an EPA registered, IR3535 Insect Repellent product to repel harmful insect bites that could harm you like they did to Adam.

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