Hand Sanitizers

Remoisturizing Lotion or Foaming Sanitizer

"Alcohol Free" - Non Flammable

ESD Safe, Static Dissipative

Kills Germs Persistently

I.C. Moisturizing ESD Lotion

Available in "Fragrance & Dye Free" & Blue Lotion

NSF E4 Certified

Static Dissipative, ESD Safe

Relieves Irritation & Skin Sensitivity

Helps meet ESD-TR20.20-2000

Static Dissipative Bottles & Containers

Industrial Sunscreen SPF 30+

Physical Broad Spectrum

Fragrance Free

80 Minute Water Resistant

Rub in Clear - No White Residue

ASTM D120 & ASTM F2621 Compliant

Insect Repellent

Deet Free with IR3535

Fragrance Free

Up to 8 Hour Protection

Odorless & Non Flammable

ASTM D120 & ASTM F2621 Compliant

Industrial Sanitizing Hand Lotion

This Alcohol Free Sanitizing Lotion kills 99.99% of Germs persistently offering an alternative to Alcohol based Sanitizers. Formulated with Dimethicone as a temporary  skin protectant against harmful Pathogens and Stimuli.

Sanitizing Lotion Chart

Great for Medical personnel such as Nurses to Re-moisterize their hands from the harsh environments of Nitrile Gloves, Alcohol Sanitizers and constant hand washing with soap and water.

Re-moisterizes with Botanicals and Succulents such a:

Sunflower Butter       Jojoba     Aloe Vera      Blue Agave

Cranberry        Acai Berry       Blueberry       Green Tea

Pomegranate       Raspberry       Strawberry       Grape Seed

Green Coffee Bean along with Vitamins A, D, & E.

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