I.C. Hand Cleaner

I.C. Hand Cleaner is a Neutral, Mildly Cationic Hand Cleanser formulated for use in the Electronic, Bio Science, and Food Processing Industries where any type of contamination is unacceptable. Most hand cleaners contain Soap (Animal Fats), along with Silicone, Lanolin,
and Mineral Oil, which cause contamination of products and even dry cracked hands.

I.C. Workstation

I.C. Antistatic Spray Cleaner, a low-ionic, general purpose workstation cleaner is biodegradable, alcohol free, and odorless. Formulated for the use in Electronic, Cleanroom, Food Service, and Bio Science Environments. A unique formulation that is mildly cationic to effectively neutralize any static charges. Can be used in terminals, CRT’s and flat panel displays. Contains No Alcohol, Ammonia, Amines, or Silicones.