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R&R Lotion is an American family owned business established in Scottsdale, Arizona in 1983. Dedicated to manufacturing new and innovative products for the Bio Science, Electronic, Medical, Food Processing, and Health & Safety Environment’s. An American Registered Manufacturer of FDA & EPA OTC and NSF Certified Products.

Each year we commit a minimum of 10% of Sales to R&D, Off-Site Testing, New Lab and Manufacturing Equipment to better serve our customers. We reinvest in our employees with cGMP and OSHA Certifications to further their education in the world of formulating, manufacturing, and processing of our regulated products. R&R Lotion’s Quality & Regulatory Control teams participate in FDA & Cosmetic Regulatory Forums along with attending offsite seminars.

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“Being an American family company we try to instill teamwork, embrace change, integrity, passion, and commitment to our customers.”

Introduction to R&R Lotion

Zinc Oxide and Heat Stress

We manufacture only Industrial Physical Zinc Oxide Sunscreens formulated for the outside worker that spends eight hours a day, every day fighting the Sun’s UV harmful and cancerous Rays. Our formulation was designed to act like a suit of armor to reflect the Sun’s Rays before they ever enter the skin. This helps to keep the worker cool and combat heat stress. Our Physical Zinc Oxide formulation allows them to enter their work environment immediately not having to wait 20 minutes a day for the chemicals to be absorbed into their skin.

The Sun’s Rays that damage the workers skin are made up of 5% UVB that leave the workers sunburned and 95% UVA that goes deep into the skin (dermis) and causes long term cell damage that can lead to cancer, moles, skin aging, and cataracts in their eyes.

Physical vs Chemical Sunscreen

Chemical sunscreens use the active ingredient Avobenzone for protection against the UVA Rays. Avobenzone, works like a sponge by absorbing UV rays into the skin. Once absorbed, they change the UV rays to heat (a less harmful form of energy), then release them through the skin. It is very difficult to stabilize Avobenzone. You need to add Oxycrylene or other photostablizers to keep it from degrading and becoming ineffective after 2 hours.

Physical Zinc Oxide Sunscreens are photo-stable, Full Broad-Spectrum, Zinc has one of the broadest UVA coverages of all the sunscreen active ingredients currently available in the U.S, as well as UVB coverage. It will not break down and acts like a million tiny mirrors reflecting the Sun’s Rays. Our formula Rubs in Clear – Leaving No White Residue!

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