Policy on Trademarks and Copyrights:

Our policy on trademarks and copyrights extends to licensees, authorized resellers, brand representatives, developers, and any other 3rd party wishing to use R&R Lotion Inc. trademarks, service marks, logos marks, photography, graphics, and imagery in promotional, advertising, instructional, educational, reference materials, web domains and websites, products, packaging, and labels.

The use of the R&R Lotion Inc. logo without prior written consent may constitute trademark infringement in violation of federal and state law. The use of R&R Lotion Inc. trademarks may be prohibited, without explicit authorization.

If you are an authorized licensee our trademark or logo may have come with guidelines on usage, please follow them. If you do not have these guidelines continue reading our guidelines and policy.

R&R Lotion Inc. trademarks, logo marks, service marks, trade names and trade dress are important assets to the value of the brand. The following guidelines are intended to strengthen our branding and corporate identity. Using a R&R Lotion Inc. trademark, in whole or in part, implies that you acknowledge R&R Lotion Inc. is the sole owner of the trademark and you will not interfere with the registration of the mark, disrupt, challenge, or apply for registration alone or in combination with other words, anywhere in the world, nor bring harm, misuse, or blemish publicly or online any R&R Lotion Inc. trademark. Except for the limited rights prohibited in these guidelines, no other rights of any kind are granted hereunder.

Logo Mark:

  1. R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark may only be used by authorized resellers and licensees. For example: Authorized Resellers, Authorized Distributors, Authorized Brand Representatives, Authorized Service Providers
  2. The use of R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark may be used in sales, marketing, and promotional materials. Application of the R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark must be in accordance with Guidelines specified in your agreement. The R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark may not be altered in any way or deviate from the specification of the Guidelines.

Word Mark:

The use of R&R Lotion Inc. work marks such R&R Lotion Inc., R&R Lotion Inc. Company Inc., R&R Lotion Inc. Static Control, and other R&R Lotion Inc. word marks, excluding the R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark, may be used as the object of a prepositional phrase on packaging, advertising/marketing and promotional materials to illustrate products or services are compatible with R&R Lotion Inc. products or technology, and must comply with the following restrictions.

  1. The R&R Lotion Inc. word mark is not part of the product name or description.
  2. It is used in a phrase with a preposition such as “powered by”, “compatible with”, “for”, or “runs on.”
  3. Is made less prominent than the product name.
  4. Does not imply a false sense of endorsement or association with R&R Lotion Inc. or R&R Lotion Inc. products.
  5. Cannot be interpreted to show R&R Lotion Inc. or its products in a negative manor.

Unauthorized Use:

  1. The R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark, word marks, graphics, and other trademarks, may not be used without written consent for commercial, social engagements, on or in publication or related materials.
  2. Use of the R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark in such mediums and applications must include a disclaimer of sponsorship, affiliation, and endorsement. This disclaimer must clearly dissociate R&R Lotion Inc. from the (Title) by using “independent” and “has not been” endorsed, sponsored or approved by R&R Lotion Inc..
  3. Websites, Storefronts and Retail are strictly prohibited using the R&R Lotion Inc. logo mark, word marks, graphics, and other trademarks, without written consent.
  4. Any unauthorized use of R&R Lotion Inc.’s trademarks will be subject to legal action.

R&R Lotion Inc. has strict guidelines on the use of its trademarks, logos, and other assets. Any unauthorized use may result in legal action. Authorized resellers, licensees, brand representatives and other third parties should follow the guidelines provided to them and seek written consent for any use beyond those guidelines.


R&R Lotion Inc. does not support the use of any logos, word marks, graphics, images of R&R Lotion Inc. products, and company names by unauthorized users and unlicensed third parties.

List of Trademarks

  • R&R Lotion Inc. Company Inc.
  • R&R Lotion Inc. Logo
  • Desert Spirit
  • Bubba Tested
  • Industrial Strength
  • Industrial Strength Sunscreen
  • Ivy Block
  • Ivy Cleanse
  • Ivy Relief
  • Industrial Insect Repellent
  • Guard
  • I.C. Lotion
  • I.C.
  • Industry Care