I.C Antibacterial Hand Cleaner

I.C. Antibacterial Hand Cleaner is formulated with Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK) and is Neutral and Mildly Cationic formulated for use in the Electronic, Bio Science, and Food Processing Industries where any type of contamination is unacceptable. Most hand cleaners contain Soap (Animal Fats), along with Silicone, Lanolin, and Mineral Oil, which cause contamination of products and even dry cracked hands.

  • A gentle Foaming Hand Cleaner that helps to Kills Germs.
  • Leaves your hands soft and does not irritate the skin
  • Removes Oil Dirt and Other Grime
  • Fragrance Free

IC Antibacterial Hand Cleaner with Pumice

Heavy Duty Antibacterial Hand Cleaner that uses pumice to help lift off Grease Grime Dirt Oils and Tar. Kills Germs on contact formulated with  the disinfectant Benzalkonium Chloride (BZK). Contains moisturizers that gently clean, leaving your skin soft and protected. Most Hand Cleaners contain animal fats along with silicons, lanolins, glycerins and mineral oils that can cause skin irritation.  Formulated with a deodorizer that neutralizes any foul odors.

  • Antibacterial Hand Cleaner that Kill 99.99% of Germs while cleaning your hands.
  • Leaves your hands soft and does not irritate the skin
  • Removes Oil Dirt and Other Grime
  • Lemon Deodorizer

IC Antibacterial Waterless Hand Cleaner

3 in 1 formula that sanitizes, remoisturizes, and cleanses your skin. without the use of water. Contains the mild abrasive, pumice to help lift off grease grime and other contaminates. Formulated with the antiseptic Benzalkonium Chloride. Goes on smooth, light, and creamy. Remoisturizes your hands using succulents and botanicals along with Shea and Sunflower Butter. No need to rinse off, simple wipe off with a towel.

Goes on smooth, creamy, light & highly moisturizing

  • 3 in 1 antiseptic, re-moisturizer, waterless hand cleaner
  • Contains mild abrasive pumice to help lift off grease.
  • No need to rinse off with water simple wipe with towel.
  • Re-moisturizes and exfoliates the hands with Sunflower & Shea Butter
  • Botanicals, Succulents & Vitamins A, D, & E
  • Kills 99.99% of Germs