IC Ivy Block

Help to prevent urushiol dermatitis caused by the oils of Poison Ivy, Sumac, and Oak. This contact with your skin can causes blisters, itchy, irritating, and painful skin rashes that can last up to 12 days. Formulated with 5 ingredients to help stop the oil from entering the skin Bentonite Clay, Zinc Acetate, Witch Hazel, PVP Film Former and Dimethicone. After returning home wash off with IC Ivy Cleanse. The only formula using Bentonite Clay.

IC Ivy Cleanse

Ivy Cleanse works to remove the oils (Urushiol) of Poisonous Plants from the skin. Contains moisturizes that gently cleans, leaving your skin feeling soft and protected. Formulated with microfine pumice that scrubs hard to remove oils that attach to the skin. Regular bar soaps should not be used because they can pick up some of the Urushiol from the surface of the skin, move it around, and contaminate the skin. Upon leaving the contaminated area you should immediately wash off the Urushiol Oils.

IC Ivy Relief

Used for skin irritations caused by Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac. Fast acting and easy to use. Uses the active ingredients Diphenhydramine HCI (Benadryl) along with Zinc Acetate which may help relieve symptoms of dry skin, weeping, or oozing. Works on contact, odorless, easy to carry. Over 500 spot applications.