Customer Reviews

We used these at work for holding rubbing alcohol and sometimes flux. They’re super handy, and it does take a lot of practice to get the right amount to come out. If nothing comes out when you push down on it, put your finger over the hole and pump a few times to fix it.

This lotion is white, neither runny nor thick. Just right. It has no added fragrance. It is paraben free, alcohol free. It does not sting or dry my skin. I liked it from the first use. But when I came down with a case of shingles, I really learned to love it. One of the hazards of shingles is that the blisters often become infected. By using a thin layer of this antibacterial lotion over freshly cleansed skin, I managed to completely avoid any bacterial infection. Shingles blisters are inherently bad enough without additional infection. Applying it to my incredibly sensitive skin was not uncomfortable at all, in fact it was soothing. This lotion gave me a lot of peace of mind.

Now that my bout with shingles is over, I’ve returned to using the product as it was intended, to shield my skin from bacterial assaults that lurk in stores, offices, and even my home. It’s an excellent lotion that doesn’t dry my skin, doesn’t cause any stinging, and doesn’t reek of excess fragrance. Love it!

I use hand sanitizers daily, but they dried my hands and cuticles. I was very surprised to find how smooth and soothing this hand sanitizer is! The dimethicone in this lotion kills germs for four hours, but it does not dry the skin like alcohol hand sanitizers do. Besides, alcohol is less effective! The thirteen botanicals this lotion contains are gentle on the skin. What a difference! Gentle on skin and nails, I highly recommend this product!

I’m not sure if products like this are common, but this was the first “barrier lotion” I’d come across.
The alcohol-free formula is said to protect and shield skin from biological and chemical environments while killing 99.99% of germs for up to 4 hours.

Though it appears to be made for the industrial, medical, pharmaceutical, electronic and food service industries, this is a great addition to your “survival” or “emergency” pack. The lotion includes 13 botanicals that will keep your skin from chapping or flaking and the scent is very neutral.

This sanitizer seems to work well and it is so convenient.

My son has leukemia, and his chemotherapy puts him constantly at risk of getting sick; so in my house, we are constantly looking for ways to keep our hands (and the hands of our son) clean. Antibacterial sprays are ubiquitous in our household, but these use alcohol and other similar chemicals. These standard antibacterial sprays and lotions work by killing the bacteria on the hands at that instant, but they don’t provide much protection from future contaminants. Thus, they have have to be constantly reapplied. And they inevitably, because of the alcohol, dry hand out. So as a healthcare professional constantly using sanitizers at work and also always at home, my hands are a mess.

This is where R&R Barrier Antibacterial Lotion is a unique and innovative product. It is a lotion that moisturizes, but most importantly it lays down an invisible barrier on your hands that actually kills germs that your hands touch after the lotion is put on. It’s like putting a germ-killing glove on your hand that lasts up to 4 hours, alcohol free, using dimethicone. So not only does it protect my hands from the damage from sanitizer use, it minimizes my need for sanitizers. A similar type of product that we have been using in conjunction with R&R is Qore-24 which also works by laying down a protective antibacterial surface on your hands. I am excited that this new-type of antibacterial product is being developed and put into innovative products.

Works great and solves one of the more annoying problems of working in a lab and wearing gloves, the constant dryness felt after taking them off. I use the powered gloves at times too so it is even more of a problem of feeling dry. The four hour moisture protection works for this as well as for going out into the cold weather or cold room as well.

These little dispensers are, ahem, indispensable! I use them on my workbench to dispense solvents such as acetone and paint thinner, and in my bathroom to dispense hydrogen peroxide. My wife uses one to hold nail-polish remover.