Maricopa Department of Health has found its first person with Dengue a Vector Borne Virus!

By: Richard Rich

On November 14, 2022, the Health Department has found a person who was bit from the Aedes Species of Mosquito in Phoenix Az and caught Dengue fever, a Vector Borne Virus. This the first time that this has happen within Maricopa County and immediately health teams to visit Neighborhood residents. They are also searching mosquito traps that were previous put out for this Aedes mosquito.

The Aedes Mosquito can spread besides Dengue ZIKA, CHIKUNGUNYA and other Vector Borne diseases.  Each year up to 400 million people get infected with Dengue fever!

Symptoms typically begin three to fourteen days after being bit. They could include joint pain, skin rash, high fever, and vomiting. A limited number of cases develop into a more sever dengue which could be much more severe.

Most people recover within a week.