The Return of Something Great

By: Gjon Gjidoda


It’s the return of something great. Utility workers, linemen, firefighters, arborists, rangers, and more have felt the absence of Ivy Block, and so, we are proud to announce the development of our newest I.C. Ivy Block. An improvement on the original, I.C. Ivy Block is ASTM D120 safe and boasts multiple layers of protection, including bentonite clay, while providing responsive measures to neutralize and evaporate the toxin.


The true danger of Poison Ivy, Oak, and Sumac is actually the Urushiol Oil that they all produce. On contact, it sinks beneath your pores and spreads causing inflammation and spreading even deeper, leaving little to be done but damage control. Bentonite Clay, able to absorb up to 8 times its weight in oils, would absorb the oil before it could spread.


Replacements like Witch Hazel and Zinc Acetate tried to imitate this protection using methods like tightening the pores or evaporating the toxin, which could be temporarily successful, but are ultimately overwhelmed by the oil’s spread.


When beginning development on I.C. Ivy Block, it was decided that we would apply every known form of protection into a singular product. Utilizing the absorbent powers of bentonite clay, the neutralizing properties of zinc acetate, and a film former to create a seal, we designed a stronger, more durable ivy block for outdoor workers.