The New Correct Way to Cleanse Ivy Rash

By: Gjon Gjidoda

R&R Lotion has added to its repertoire of outdoor worker protection with the development of Ivy Cleanse. Built to stop the spread and treat the oozing and weeping of blisters, I.C. Ivy Cleanse offers the immediate relief and treatment of poison ivy rash.

Formulated with gentle pumice scrubbers and surfactants designed to neutralize and extract the toxin, I.C. Ivy Cleanse strips the pores and halts the spread of poison ivy. Additionally, an antiseptic additive cleanses the bacteria from any open sores, stimulating the body’s natural healing process.

R&R Lotion is known for its innovative solutions for the workforce and will continue to develop and improve the products that keep them safe. Firemen, farmers, linemen, arborists, rangers, and every other outdoor profession have a new solution to Ivy rash.