Why Are Healthcare-Approved Lotions a Must-have for Nurses?

By: Richard Rich


As we celebrate Nurses Week, we honor the hardworking professionals who play an indispensable role in healthcare. Nurses not only provide essential medical care but also face unique challenges that affect their own health, particularly the health of their skin. The rigorous demands of frequent handwashing, sanitization, and glove use in healthcare settings can severely compromise skin integrity. This week, we focus on the critical need for proper hand care and explore why specialized lotions are not just beneficial but essential for nurses. Understanding and protecting the skin’s barrier function is paramount in ensuring that nurses can continue their vital work comfortably and safely.

The Complex Challenges of Maintaining Skin Health in Healthcare

Regular handwashing, while crucial for maintaining hygiene, strips away natural oils and moisture, which can damage the skin’s barrier and increase susceptibility to irritation and infections. Additionally, the frequent use of nitrile and latex gloves can lead to glove-associated dermatitis from trapped moisture and friction, and alcohol-based hand sanitizers may exacerbate skin dryness and irritation by disrupting the protective barrier. These combined factors present significant challenges in maintaining skin health for healthcare professionals.

Why Standard Lotions Aren’t Suitable for Healthcare Settings

Not all lotions are created equal, especially in a healthcare environment. Many standard lotions provide only temporary relief and fail to address the deeper issues caused by frequent handwashing and sanitization. Moreover, these regular lotions often contain ingredients that can compromise the integrity of gloves, leave residues that may harbor contaminants, or interact adversely with CHG and other sanitizers, potentially reducing their effectiveness. Healthcare-specific lotions, on the other hand, are formulated to moisturize effectively while reinforcing the skin’s natural defenses without compromising safety and hygiene protocols.

Highlighting R&R Lotions’ Key Products

  • I.C. Hand Lotion: Ideal for use post-washing and pre-gloving, this water-based lotion absorbs quickly, ensuring that nurses can wear gloves immediately after application without compromising glove integrity. Its formulation leaves no residue, maintaining glove performance and comfort.
  • I.C. Sanitizing Cream: This product is dual-purpose, functioning both as a sanitizer and as a protective moisturizing cream. It helps to kill harmful bacteria while also depositing a protective layer that locks in moisture and prevents the natural oils from being washed away.
  • I.C. Hand Cream: Rich in ingredients that help rebuild the skin’s barrier, this cream is essential after washing hands. It absorbs quickly, ensuring hands remain supple without leaving a greasy residue.

Incorporating Lotions into a Nursing Routine

To effectively incorporate these lotions into a daily routine, nurses should:

  1. Begin the Shift: Apply I.C. Hand Cream to prepare the skin for the day’s challenges.
  2. Post-Washing and Pre-Gloving: Use I.C. Hand Lotion for immediate rehydration and to create a protective barrier before wearing gloves.
  3. After Using Sanitizer: Apply I.C. Sanitizing Cream to restore moisture balance and protection.
  4. End of Shift: Another application of I.C. Hand Cream can help repair and soothe the skin overnight.

Compatibility with Sanitizers and CHG

I.C. Hand Lotion is compatible with CHG and alcohol-based hand sanitizers, which is crucial in healthcare settings. This compatibility ensures that the application of lotion does not compromise the antimicrobial effectiveness of hand sanitizers or CHG products.


For nurses, integrating specialized skincare products like R&R Lotions into their daily routine is not just beneficial—it’s a necessity. By supporting skin health, nurses are better equipped to face the demands of their roles while also ensuring a higher level of care for their patients. Investing in the right skincare products is an investment in their professional capacity and their personal well-being.

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