The New Gear Safe & Linemen Compliant Insect Repellent

By Gjon Gjidoda

When it comes to worker protection, Linemen PPE has no room for error, meaning that compromising your own equipment can lead to severe injury or even death. R&R Lotion strives to provide the best in outdoor safety and has developed its gear-safe and non-toxic I.C. Insect Repellent. Available in both a lotion and a spray, I.C. Insect Repellent is ASTM D120, ASTM F2621, & ASTM D6413 compliant and designed to protect the entirety of the worker. Clothes, gloves, equipment, and all.

Formulated with IR3535, I.C. Insect Repellent protects workers via a nontoxic mode of action and is made to metabolize into the skin instead of into your gloves or FR clothing, preventing risk of ignition by its dried residue. This nonvolatile protection is possible by the chemical filtering of the odors that attract biting insects, keeping linemen comfortable, safe, and invisible on the job site.

PPE is an essential part of any safety system and R&R Lotion endeavors to meet or exceed the needs of any profession. Our mission is to deliver the best possible PPE to our linemen in an effort to keep them safe, comfortable, compliant, and on the job.

ASTM D120 – Linemen Glove Arc Flash
ASTM F2621 – FR Clothing Arc Flash
ASTM D6413 – FR Clothing Vertical Flame Test