Back-to-School: Benzalkonium Chloride or Alcohol-Based Sanitizers

Which Is Right For Me?

Alcohol-based sanitizers or the more gentle, but equally effective alternative, Benzalkonium chloride sanitizers?

As the new school year approaches, parents and teachers are preparing to equip their children with essential supplies, and cleanliness tops the list. However, choosing the right sanitizer doesn’t mean selecting the most common alcohol-based option. We invite you to consider our specially crafted, alcohol-free sanitizers that use benzalkonium chloride as an effective germ-killing agent. Here’s why:

Benefits of Benzalkonium Chloride Sanitizers 

Gentle on Young Skin: Alcohol-free sanitizers are far less likely to dry or irritate delicate hands. Children, who are prone to skin issues like eczema, can benefit greatly from our gentle formula.

Effective Germ Protection: Our benzalkonium chloride sanitizers effectively kill germs in less than 15 seconds without damaging the skin, a trusted alternative to alcohol-based sanitizers.

Nurturing Ingredients: Our products contain skin-soothing components like aloe, glycerin, sunflower butter, vitamin E, and more, promoting overall skin health.

Pleasant Experience: Alcohol Sanitizers get sticky and give off a strong odor that worsens with time. Our alcohol-free formula never thickens and remains completely odorless for the entirety of its lifespan.

Never Denatured: Alcohol-based sanitizers are always denatured prior to being sold, which means that they poison the product so that it legally cannot be drank or used as liquor.

Trusted Source: In recent years, we noticed first-hand the questionable origins of many alcohol-based sanitizers. Benzalkonium Chloride, on the other hand, cannot be sourced from anyone but an FDA recognized manufacturer.

Creating the Right Sanitizer

Family First: We formulated our products to meet the needs of our own children, providing other families with solutions they can trust and apply with peace of mind.

Size Options: We ensured a variety of sizes in order to accommodate any classroom circumstance. This includes gallon sizes or 20 oz bottles for in the class, car, or home, all the way down to 2 oz bottles that fit inside of a pocket or bag.

Trustworthy Manufacturing: Our manufacturing plant and products have adhered to the FDA’s and EPA’s strict safety standards for over 20 years and counting.

To Our Teachers and Parents

Understanding the importance of hygiene and reminding our children to keep their hands clean is vital. Our alcohol-free sanitizers offer a reliable and gentle alternative, ideal for the school environment.

Incorporating sanitizers in the classroom promotes a culture of health and well-being, allowing children to focus on learning and growing. Equip them with our Back-to-School Sanitizing Bundle, and let’s work together to make this school year successful and safe.

Join Us in Keeping Our Children Safe and Healthy!

Our Back-to-School Sanitizing Bundle is available now, specially designed to meet the needs of your family. Visit today to explore our range of sanitizers, or get the Back to School Sanitizer Bundle.

Order now and give your children the gentle and effective protection they deserve as they head back to school. Trust in the gentle and effective protection that our benzalkonium chloride sanitizers provide.