Overlooked Essentials in Your Hurricane Preparedness Kit

How Prepared Are You For Hurricane Season?

By: Gjon Gjidoda

Hurricane season brings with it storms, winds, and constant rain. These events, however, do more than destroy property, they can also create breeding grounds for biting insects or compromise clean water supplies.

A well-rounded emergency kit integrates products that offer added layers of both hygiene and protection, areas often overlooked in conventional checklists. When it comes to selecting brands, the focus should be on products that do not require the use of other emergency supplies, such as water. IndustryCare offers a wide selection of these clean and effective products that can be essential to a hurricane preparedness kit.

Including products like I.C.’s IR3535 Insect Repellent and Antibacterial Waterless Hand Cleaner in your emergency kit is an easy way to obtain those layers of protection and hygiene. IR3535 is an effective active ingredient that is non-toxic and metabolizes directly into the skin once it has completed its use, leaving no need to wash off. I.C.’s Antibacterial Waterless Hand Cleaner combines pumice, sanitizer, and emulsifiers to strip grease, filth, and dirt from the skin and leave it sanitized. All that is needed is a rag to wipe off the product.

Organizations like the CDC highlight the heightened risk of vector-borne diseases in post-storm scenarios. In these circumstances, the best option is to invest in insect repellents that offer both convenience and reliable protection against such risks. IR3535 is a trusted active ingredient proven to provide long lasting protection against mosquitoes that carry viruses like West Nile, Zika, Dengue, and more.

As reported by the American Red Cross, the prevalence of waterborne diseases often sees a sharp increase during natural catastrophes. A versatile solution like an antibacterial waterless hand cleaner that not only cleanses but also purifies skin is invaluable in maintaining hygiene, especially when water resources are limited.

Reassess your hurricane preparedness inventory today. Make sure that you have these pivotal resources that not only perform but mitigate complex health risks in the absence of clean water.